Reflection Volcano

Make your own track

Finding my own way :)

Dali desert

Bolivian dog

2 childs walking on isla del Sol.

Get ready for a walk

Baby lama getting ready for a walk.

Friends talks

2 Women from isla del Sol (Bolivia)

Crossing Titicaca lake

Crossing the Titicaca lake during sunset

Back in time

Traditional boat from Lake Titicaca waiting for their crew

Crossing the river

Bus crossing the Titicaca river on a wood boat

Sunset on Isla del Sol

Perfect Morning on Isla del Sol

Unloaded Time

Unloaded Time on Isla del Sol

La Paz market time

Walking on La paz street

no idea how to name it for now

Colorful Quecha women

Traditional Quecha women carrying a something as big as her ...

Steep street in La paz

Normal day in the steep street of La paz

Baby bag

Hide and seek with a baby.

Carpet umbrella

One day in La paz market.

Undated women

Old Market women #nofilter

Let's begin Uyuni

First step on Uyuni salar

Mirror dunes

Let's have a walk

Small walk on Uyuni.

Salt Mountains

Indian smokes

Lost train

Lost Cactus

Lost Island

Pescador island, middle of nowhere ... middle of Uyuni

unreal Bolivian landscape

Active Volcano close to Uyuni salar

Wake up with Flamengo

Flamengo Kiss

Walking on water

Morning Flamengo

Flamengo ballet

Flamengo leapfrog

Guanaco on the way

Flamengo race

Smoking time

Good morning Volcano


Smokign walk

Natural bath

Pastel high altitude lake

Soft blueu lake

Laguna Colorada